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Screw Conveyor Machine Manufacturers In Chennai


The screw conveyor operates on the principle of Archimedes' screw, where the rotating screw blade moves materials along the trough. As the screw rotates, it creates a continuous flow of material along its length. A screw conveyor typically consists of the following components:

Screw Blade: The helical blade that moves the material. Trough: The casing that houses the screw blade and contains the material being conveyed. Drive Unit: The motor and gearbox that provide the power to rotate the screw. Inlet and Outlet: Openings at the ends of the trough for loading and unloading materials.

All kind of products that are of the powdered texture can be conveyed through this Machine. Products such as - Masala powders, Whole spices powders, Pharmaceutical powders, Atta powder, Maida powder, Castor Sugar, Fertilisers, and much more

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